8 Finds for the Happiest Easter Table Decor Vegan Style!

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Happy, Humane & Bunny Happy

Easter is just around the corner! Although it’s a religious holiday that surrounds itself with bunnies, chocolates and spring colors, for many designers it’s “pastels gone wild!”

When one thinks of a traditional Easter scene, images of green fields dotted with colorful eggs and children frolicking and playing with bunnies might be a typical scene.

However, in today’s world, we fortunately, have ethical choices to include in our Easter celebration and decor. We can select decorative “eggless” eggs for our children to find and surround the day with cruelty-free and vegan decor. Say goodbye to silk tablecloths and wool decor as you open the doors to spring with a table setting  that is free of tragedy and despair!

Here are a few things to consider, as well as suggested items to buy, to create the perfect socially-conscious Easter table:


As designers, many of us typically attempt to think “out of the box” and give our own spin on traditional holiday colors. We can be considered  “rebel designers - real bad ass!” However, the colors of Easter are so incredibly beautiful and happy, why fix it if it ‘ain’t broke!

Easter colors are truly symbolic of spring: Yellow represents renewal and hope, white symbolizes the brightness of day, purple is the color found in church sanctuaries during the Easter season and pink reminds us of beauty, softness and lovely spring flowers.

Setting a table is all about telling a story. An Easter table is about spring - it’s about life, renewal and nature.This tablecloth is the first layer that you are going to build from. The cloth I’ve selected is decorated with beautiful softly painted flowers and grasses in a meadow. Butterflies are part of the backdrop. It’s pure cotton and completely vegan!

2. Texture

All spaces, including table designs, must have texture! The feel, thickness and sensory experience of any space including the Easter table is a result of how much or little texture has been added. Add a unique faux grass runner on top of the elegant botanical tablecloth. It incorporates the perfect amount of layering. The green grass is strong and vibrant against the softness of the meadow tablecloth. It’s completely fun & cruelty-free!


Easter is a holiday that we associate with children and fun! So, adding whimsy to the table for kids and adult kids (c’mon we are all kids at heart!) sets the stage for lots of fun. These bunny rabbit plates can be placed in the center of the table, on top of the green runner and mixed with Easter pink decorative bowls. They will surely start a fun conversation. Plus they are ceramic - no animal had to suffer for its fabrication!

4. Bling

Call it what you may, but a little “bit ‘o bling” is great energy for any space! Mirrored eggs (of course they’re vegan!) are a fabulous touch to place on the bunny dishes and inside the pink small bowls (listed above) in the center of the table. These glam eggs will reflect all the beautiful colors and light on your Easter table, creating a beautiful atmosphere!

5. Theatrics

Bring in a dash of “Alice in Wonderland” fantasy to the Easter table with these perfect tea cups that look like they were taken right from the movie set! Picture the family sipping tea, pinkies out, in these antique-inspired blue cups. These formal tea cups will contrast perfectly against the modern mirrored eggs and grass runner!

6. Practicality

All the kids, you know, the ones under 10 and over 50, need a place to store their “eggless” eggs once they find them! This eco-friendly canvas tote decorated with a cute bunny on it, can be hung on each chair. It’s a beautiful detail and no animal was harmed for its making!

7. Scent

Smell is the strongest sense in the human body. Adding a small token for each guest to take home as a memory of the Easter gathering is a beautiful touch. This ceramic diffuser is emerald green and the manufacturer, Umbali Spice, offers 100% cruelty-free and vegan skincare and household products. It’s a thoughtful and unique party favor!

8. Compassion

Lastly, these fabulous looking disposable dishes are made from grass and tapioca starch! How cool is that? They have an array of beautiful colors. They are completely non-toxic and use natural pigmentation for color. The ones we love for this Easter setting are the green and blue plates.

Have a wonderful and ethical Easter!  Enjoy your beautiful table that no animal, including bunnies, had to suffer for!

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