The Vegan Design 101 Online Class

 This course is accredited for 7.5 CEU's through the  Interior Design Continuing Education Council .

👉 What is the 'vegan design 101' class?

We originally created the Vegan Design 101 Class as an accredited online course for professional designers & students. However, the demand from non-professionals (people that just love DIY design & animal lovers) has been equal to that of industry professionals. The Vegan Design 101 Class has become a go-to source for anyone seeking to understand how the skins & fur industry works, learn about cruelty-free design, vegan home decor & non-animal derived textile options. The online class focuses on:

  • Which materials are sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free (and where you can buy them)
  • How to incorporate cruelty-free options within your spaces
  • Cutting-edge research & technology that is reshaping the vegan fabrics industry - including materials made from mushrooms & stuff, huh?
  • The new breed of small compassionate companies & their success stories
  • How vegan options benefit individuals with allergies and sensory processing disorders (Spectrum of Autism)
  • Interviews with renowned advocates making change in the skins and hides industry
  • The environmental impacts caused by animal skin and fur farms
  • How to approach clients with cruelty free options from vegan design expert, Deborah DiMare
  • How to capture the growing socially conscious consumer & interviews with leading marketing experts
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👉 Why should a design industry professional or student take the class? 

As we say, education is power! Completing the course will not only provide knowledge in vegan interior design, but will also strengthen your professional credibility and distinction!

You will also outshine your competition as a design professional or student with a Certificate of Completion to display on your marketing materials and resume. How cool is that? You'll be totally prepared to take on the design world with cruelty-free/vegan design knowledge and resources under your belt. The market of socially-conscious consumers is growing every single day and the Vegan Design 101 Class will prepare you to cater to this consumer base.

The online class is accredited for 7.5 CEU's through the Interior Design Continuing Education Council and approved by IDCEC, ASID, IDC IDEC & IIDA. 


Taking the class will show you how to shop and look  for vegan items; decorative and non. It will give you the power to make the right, ethical decisions for you and your loved ones. You will learn why vegan materials are healthier, why they save the lives of humans and animals, which fabrics to look for and most importantly have the answers to guide others to make change. Each and every one of us is born with purpose. You have the power to make change, and GET LOUD!

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Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It’s a must-do course for everyone, not just designers.
— Jennifer Arsenault, Interior Designer
I just finished your course, I wanted to thank you and let you know that it is the best course I have ever taken!!!
— Lisa-Marie Deblois, Vegan Fashion Designer
I’m so thrilled to have found a course offered specifically to my core values as a designer and human being. Education is power, and our only hope for ending animal cruelty is to teach the truth. This course not only unveils the horrid truth about skins and fur industry, it supplies us with a wealth of resources, materials and facts that set us on a path to a successful cruelty free design business.
— Sara Mora, Film Producer & Interior Designer