Course Reviews From Participants

The Vegan Design 101 Class enlightened me. All of the items covered were very real. The program brought more awareness on the process, to own animal products produced by companies for financial gain. Animals suffer around the clock for companies and individuals to profit. You can’t sleep at night knowing this is happening. It has to STOP and we all have to wake up and make change.
— Lana McIver, Interior Designer
Vegan Design 101 Class is not simply a course. It is a journey within ourselves and inside our mindset. You recognize that you need to wake up and DO something for real, because the Earth is our house but is also my house. And I do not want any type of violence in my house. Do you?
— Serena Balestri,
I just finished your course, I wanted to thank you and let you know that it is the best course I have ever taken!!!
— Lisa-Marie Deblois, Vegan Fashion Designer
Getting the certification was an eye opening experience for me and my staff. The cruelty free market is the future. New generations are more socially conscious. Our business has grown tremendously since completing the certification & offering cruelty-free alternatives in addition to our regular services. I highly recommend the course.
— Marisol Hernandez, Course Participant is a wonderful organization that focuses on highlighting and educating us about the animal suffering involved in the interior and fashion industries. The course also provides cruelty free alternative resources that can be bought instead.
— Chloe Bullock, Interior Designer supports an amazing cause to end the cruelty on animals. People don’t realize the heaviness of the world ‘cruelty’ in this industry. They bring forth (visually and with words) and that leaves an impact. I wish these videos were mandatory to be played at every store selling these products the way cigarette boxes come with a warning.
— Sahiba Pannu, Course Participant
This is a very worthwhile course to bring great awareness to this problem of cruelty of animals.
— Linda Dowd, Interior Designer gives you the knowledge and tools to run your business in a more ethical and compassionate way.
— Lisa Hoffman, Interior Designer
[The online course is] IMPORTANT. That word says it all. Everyone should take this course. Not only as business owners or interior designers but as human beings.
— Johanna Erkers, Interior Designer (Sweden)
The course is a concise and informative course which many could benefit from, as cruelty free living is the future. Why not jump to action now, and enjoy the benefits of being ahead of the crowd?
— Mathew Rush, Interior Designer (Australia)
The course is an eye-opening experience in more ways than one: first, as an informational and educational guide to the treatment of animals in the leather, fur, and other industries; and second, as a resource to let designers and others know that there are alternatives to furs and skins available that can accomplish design goals without endangering the animals who cannot speak for themselves.
— Laurie Seubert, Interior Designer
The course information will open your eyes to the chain of supply and the horrible secrets kept from us by the skins and furs industry. Once your eyes are open you can never go back to ignorance. You will never see fashion items made out of animals the same way again. It will seems like a awful, sick joke to think of a product being touted as fashionable when it is made from 100% cruelty.
— Christine Cavataio, Professor of Interior Design at Newbury College
I couldn’t thank Deborah DiMare enough for making this course available to interior design professionals like myself and in business in general. My heart breaks for these beautiful creatures this world has to offer, to then be subjected to so much harm and agony. So I definitely stand for this cause 100%, to be the voice they will never have for their sacrifice! I have learned the skills necessary to educate individuals to partake in this great mission in life; to bring awareness and be more ethical in the decisions that we make as consumers on a daily basis. It only takes one individual to have an impact and make waves in all these inhumane industries. I guarantee you that Deborah Rosenberg and her team will definitely have an impact in your life with this course. They will give you the tools and skills that you need to properly implement this practice into your own business and succeed. So let’s be the difference this world needs and get loud.
— Raquel Pompa, Interior Designer
It’s a must do course for everyone, not just designers.
— Jennifer Arsenault, Interior Designer
As a future designer, it is imperative that I understand the importance of choosing the right suppliers and making conscious decisions about certain products. This course has armed me with knowledge and education that will no doubt assist in making better decisions for my future clients. The information I received from doing this course has completely changed my views entirely both as a professional and as an individual. It sickens me to think about the atrocity that happens with these poor innocent animals that are used for profit. I want to make a change in my new-found career, thus taking the course will give me a competitive edge when applying for graduate roles in my profession.
— Rachelle Di Cecco, Interior Design Student
I am so glad I chose the Vegan Design 101 Class. I think it is important for anyone who has the power to choose products for themselves or others to know the truth behind where each product is from and how many other options are so easily available. It is our responsibility as designers to make these right decisions and educate our clients about these choices.
— Alexis Hubbard, Interior Designer
The course is a difficult but necessary element of interior design that needs to be pushed in educational establishments so designers can give fully informed choices to clients. is making a good and credible campaign to stop cruelty by truthfully highlighting the reality of consumer indulgences.
— Jessica Stone, Interior Designer is passionate about educating others and wanting to change the (luxury) market for interiors and design.
— Marie Roviello, Interior Designer is an excellent resource to learn about the issues of animal cruelty in the textiles industry and to learn about high quality animal-free alternative products.
— Tennille Wood, Interior Designer
I’m so thrilled to have found a course offered specifically to my core values as a designer and human being. Education is power, and our only hope for ending animal cruelty is to teach the truth. This course not only unveils the horrid truth about skins and fur industry, it supplies us with a wealth of resources, materials and facts that set us on a path to a successful cruelty free design business.
— Sara Mora, Film Producer & Interior Designer
The course is a MUST TAKE - eye opening and informative!
— Diana Gill, Interior Designer
I was blind to what is really happening in the fur and leather industry before. Deborah really covers all the aspects of why cruelty free products and design should be everyone’s concern. No animal needs to suffer. There are plenty of cruelty free options for the home that are beautiful and ethically friendly.
— Caitlin Miller, Interior Designer
Everyone with a jot of compassion in their nature should do this course. It’s going to be a key part of my message as an individual and business owner going forward. Definitely time to ‘Get loud’!
— Helen Winter, Interior Designer
Interesting and thought provoking information regarding the hidden side of the design industry - should be mandatory as part of all Interior Design training!
— Thomas Cummings, Interior Designer
By taking this course they could become aware of the truly cruel and inhumane practices and procedures that occur just to get product - that we could easily live without - to us and our clients. With a new awareness and with little effort, you could easily remove the majority, if not all, of the products that are derived from animals. In today’s interior design product offerings, there are tons of fantastic cruelty free alternatives, many we are already aware of.
— Rober Wright, Interior Designer
The Vegan Design 101 Class is eye-opening and powerful and should be required viewing for all designers, even those who do not want the certification or do not see themselves changing what they specify. As an eco-friendly designer I always take care to let my clients know that it is not an all or nothing choice, but that any concession they make towards a sustainable product is helpful to the environment. The same is true of vegan options: even one less animal product specified will make a difference.
— Summer Sterling, Interior Designer
This is where you’ll find ultimate luxury with a clear conscience. A designer with an oath of “first do no harm.” Cruelty free does not mean sacrificing style or quality—it is the epitome of style and quality. is setting the standard for cruelty free living and helping to change the world, leading by a wonderful example and educating others to make a global impact.
— Gayl Hyde
VeganDesign is the first of its kind I knew about. They are on a great mission of educating people about alternatives for design industry which are healthier, environmentally friendly, consumer responsible choices and don’t include animal abuse.
— Veronika Motyckova, MagicfulHome is a fantastic resource for understanding cruelty in the design industry and big advocate for change.
— Melissa Evans-Prosser, Interior Designer