Badge Licensee Reviews

We realized that the market of socially conscious consumers was growing at an extremely rapid rate and we could no longer ignore it. The majority of our customer base consists of millennials, who choose to purchase ethically made items over the alternatives. We knew the best way to translate our moral decision was through We are proud to now display the Certified Cruelty Free badge on our website and to support ending animal cruelty in the fashion industry.
— Claudia Morillo, Owner of
As a global design firm, we wanted a trademark that was very visible and easy to understand. Certified Cruelty Free is very different than other trademarks because of how they promote us. We were very fortunate to have found them, its been a big boost for our business.
— Jackie Novak, Interior Designer
We originally were not a vegan company but this past year we began adding vegan lines to meet our customer demands. The trademark was essential for us. After reviewing several trademarks, we chose the Certified Cruelty Free trademark because of their support and marketing.
— Rachel Nelson, Vegan Fashion Marketplace
Animal cruelty has become a very important issue in this world. We are happy to be able to participate in this movement. The trademark is very well respected and has helped our business grow.
— Richard Pierson, Furniture Manufacturer
The Certified Cruelty Free trademark has completed our mission of informing our customers that we are educated and care about the well being of animals.
— Daniela Montoya, Interior Design Firm
We were very skeptical at initially as to how the Certified Cruelty Free trademark would actually attract our “target customer”, we did a lot of research and decided CCF suited our needs. In a short period of time since obtaining our logo, we have seen a tremendous increase in our customer base. Proved to be a very beneficial tool for us.
— Virginia Marshall, Custom Vegan Upholstery