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Healthy & Humane Interior Spaces Through Community

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Accredited Online Course

The Vegan Design 101 Course is the only 5 star ★★★★★ rated course that teaches you about healthy, eco-friendly & humane furniture, fabrics & décor. The course is included free of charge with the Council Membership!

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Watch founder, Deborah DiMare, discuss the "why" behind cruelty-free & humane interiors. Humane fabrics and products are gentler, cleaner and overall healthier for newborns, babies, children & adults.

#FirstLike: Eco-Friendly & Vegan Bedding


Help heal humans, animals and the planet. The Council is a powerful online community. You will never feel alone again in your journey as a design industry professional, manufacturer or retailer.

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LuAnn Nigara's Fan Club

We are honored to be the host of LuAnn Nigara's Fan Club! Each month, Deborah DiMare ( Founder) leads a live video chat with other interior designers to discuss a previously aired A Well Designed Business episode.