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Watch vegan design expert, Deborah DiMare, talk us through a luxurious residential space she created using only vegan & cruelty-free decor & furnishings! A cruelty-free home is one that does contain any animal skins or byproducts.

LuAnn Nigara's Fan Club

We are honored to be the host  of LuAnn Nigara's Fan Club! Each month, Deborah DiMare (VDO Founder) leads a live video chat with other designers to discuss a previously aired A Well Designed Business episodie. RSVP For The Next Call →

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CRUSH of the month

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A day in the life of a fur farm worker

Animals & Humans alike suffer on fur and skin farms. Read more →

Sustainable flooring Trends

 Sustainable flooring denotes the use of eco-friendly materials. Get Tips on Eco-Friendly Flooring →

4th of july

Shop vegan items that are perfect for your 4th of July table! Shop →

5 tips on displaying artwork

Learn from a Feng Shui interior designer. Read now →

vegan options are healthier

Organic & cruelty-free alternatives are very healthy in homes. Learn why it'll also prevent allergies → Feature

Read the feature about cruelty-free home decor.  Click to read →

5 Tips To A Healthy Nursery

Learn how to create a toxic-free& cruelty-free space. Read More →

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