A Dirty Little Secret

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What we're about to tell you may come as a shock! It shook us to our core when we first found out. It's a BIG secret that everyone needs to know...

 In China, leather is often made from dogs and cats.

Yes, we're serious. The worst part? 80% of the world's leather comes from China. 80%! Since China has no regulations on leather production, dogs and cats can legally be used as a source for leather hides. These leather skins are then exported around the world and labeled as genuine cow leather to major retailers and manufacturers. There is no way to know if the leather products you purchase are made from dog or cat leather.

We know that this harsh reality is hard to believe since dogs, cats & other animals hold such a special place in many of our lives. However, there is good news. You CAN do something to make this stop. As a consumer, the best way to make a direct impact is to simply stop buying leather & any other animal based product. With the rapid technological advances in the materials industry, we now have access to a variety of faux leathers & other fabrics  that are more durable and often less expensive than the real thing.

Humane design is one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements in the world. From luxury car manufacturers, such as Tesla and Bentley to fashion designers such as Versace and Giorgio Armani, implementing vegan, non animal based options, is not only morally correct, but necessary.  Here is why:

  • Consumers are more focused on positive health for themselves & their children. Animal based hides, skins, fur, down, wool and leather contain strong chemicals that are toxic which can trigger illness.  
  • There are 180 million ethical consumers and 16 million vegans & vegetarians in the United States alone
  • 56% of Americans STOP buying from brands they believe are unethical
  • Nearly 1 billion animals are killed yearly for the skins & hides industry
  • 1 in 3 Australians, 55% of Asian-Pacifiers, 49% of Latin Americans, and 53% of Middle East consumers are willing to pay more if a company is socially responsible
  • Conditions are inhumane for workers as well.  90% of tannery workers in India die before the age of 50 from exposure to chemicals used to tan leather. 

Today, you can make positive change not only with your fashion & car decisions,  but your interior design choices as well. There are endless faux, humane alternatives available for furniture & decor that are beautiful, healthy, durable and affordable & no animal, human and non, had to suffer for its making. 

Vegan Interior design is the future! Don't just follow the trend, lead it!