FAQ: The Online Class

How do i receive access to the class after purchasing?

After purchasing the online class, you will instantly receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions to fill out our simple application. After submitting the application, please allow 24-hours for your application to be reviewed and processed. Once processed, you will receive a separate e-mail with the online class portal link along with your login credentials.

Do I receive a badge or certificate after completing the course?

No. Upon course completion you are not eligible to display our badge or certificate. You must join the VeganDesign.org council in order to do so. The VeganDesign.org Council is a strong coalition of like-minded business owners and consumers!

is theRE A Press Kit?

Yes! Please click here to view the Vegan Design 101 Class Press Kit.

if i'm an industry professional do I have to TRANSITION to only working with vegan materials?

No! Taking the class does not mean that you or your business must transition to only working with cruelty-free/vegan materials and products. You are simply gaining knowledge about vegan alternatives to reach a strong customer base of socially conscious customers!

How long will I have access to the online class?

After registering, you have access to the accredited class for 2 months. Within those 2 months you can complete the class at your own leisure (24/7.) Upon expiration you will no longer have access to the class.