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Real Fur vs. Faux Fur—the Truth Be Told

When shopping for furniture or clothing, at first look it can be difficult to tell faux fur from real fur, and as informed consumers, it’s helpful to know strategies for keeping your home and closet vegan. I previously believed, as I’m sure many consumers do, that real fur was more expensive than fake fur.


compassionate CEO Profile: Deborah DiMare

For the second installment of our PETA Prime series about compassionate CEOs, we spoke with Deborah DiMare, founder of the all-vegan luxury interior design firm DiMare Design as well as, a go-to resource to help consumers and professional designers alike decorate vegan living spaces.


It’s Not Just Animals Who Suffer for the Skins Trade 

Fortunately, we’re becoming more and more aware that the global skins trade is a merciless industry without any compassion for animals. But have you considered how inhumane the conditions are for the workers in this shameful industry? Filth, toxic chemicals, and tons of waste are what surround both human and nonhuman beings in the facilities that breed, slaughter, and process the animals who are exploited for their fur and skin. 


Going Wool-Free 

I grew up in New York, where the winters are freezing. I recall the excitement I felt as a child when putting on my wool mittens, scarf, and coat and wool-lined boots before going out to play in the snow until dark. I can recall the feeling of arriving at my house after hours in the snow and having my mom help me peel off my ice-filled mittens and boots.