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Vegan Bedding: Must-Haves You Can Get on Right Now

I like to believe that a bed should be given the utmost respect. It’s a sanctuary, a place where you can give your tired body some relief. It’s a place where you can rest peacefully after a long day or cuddle up with a good book and your animal companion. Choosing the right mattress, bedding, and pillows is key. As a vegan interior designer for many years, I feel that one of the best ways to ensure your bed is a healthy, clean, and relaxing oasis is to choose vegan materials. “Vegan” means that the product doesn’t have any animal-derived materials, such as birds’ feathers (down) or sheep’s wool


Stylish and Cozy Vegan Sofas, From Economical To Highend

As a designer, I believe that a sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a space. It’s where many of us spend a large majority of our time hanging out. I think choosing it is as important as choosing a mattress.As a vegan interior designer and a teacher of other industry professionals and consumers, I’m often asked where to find vegan sofas. (This means those that don’t contain woolleathersilkfurdown, or any other products that were derived from animals.) There are two ways to get a cruelty-free sofa: have one custom made, or find one at a retail shop or online. The latter requires a bit more detective work but is less expensive than buying a custom vegan sofa.


26 Women Entrepreneurs Who Use Their Influence to Help Animals

Living with compassion for all isn’t just good for animals and your health—it’s also good for business! Vegan and cruelty-free products are hotter than ever, and more animal-friendly companies are popping up every day as a result. And in case you didn’t know, there’s much more to vegan living than just food. Cruelty-free health and wellness, fashion, and beauty companies also continue to boom


Real Fur vs. Faux Fur—The Truth Be Told

When shopping for furniture or clothing, at first look it can be difficult to tell faux fur from real fur, and as informed consumers, it’s helpful to know strategies for keeping your home and closet vegan. I previously believed, as I’m sure many consumers do, that real fur was more expensive than fake fur.


Compassionate CEO Profile: Deborah DiMare

For the second installment of our PETA Prime series about compassionate CEOs, we spoke with Deborah DiMare, founder of the all-vegan luxury interior design firm DiMare Design as well as, a go-to resource to help consumers and professional designers alike decorate vegan living spaces.


It’s Not Just Animals Who Suffer for The Skins Trade 

Fortunately, we’re becoming more and more aware that the global skins trade is a merciless industry without any compassion for animals. But have you considered how inhumane the conditions are for the workers in this shameful industry? Filth, toxic chemicals, and tons of waste are what surround both human and nonhuman beings in the facilities that breed, slaughter, and process the animals who are exploited for their fur and skin. 


Going Wool-Free 

I grew up in New York, where the winters are freezing. I recall the excitement I felt as a child when putting on my wool mittens, scarf, and coat and wool-lined boots before going out to play in the snow until dark. I can recall the feeling of arriving at my house after hours in the snow and having my mom help me peel off my ice-filled mittens and boots.


Leather Without Harming Animals

What do some future models from top car manufacturer Bentley and celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix and Ellen DeGeneres have in common? They’re all vegan. The U.K.-based Bentley, founded in 1919, is considered one of the most expensive car brands worldwide. And now, in an effort to appeal to upmarket owners demanding ethical options, it’s exploring...


The Yulin Dog-Eating Festival—and Your Sofa Could Be Made From Cats and Dogs

Late June marked the start of the ninth annual Yulin dog-eating festival, a 10-day event held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festivalgoers eat dog meat and lychees.


Bringing Baby Home to Your Other ‘Baby’

There are endless parenting blogs and books chock-full of advice and tips on introducing a young child to a newborn sibling. But how about introducing the real baby—your dog—to a new infant? When I was expecting my twins, I was in bed for most of my pregnancy because of intense nausea and vomiting. My dad (who, sadly, has since passed away) visited several times a day to feed me the few foods that I could handle. I cherish those memories with him. I also had the love and loyalty of our dog, Baci. He rarely ever left my side.


The Truth About The Fur Industry

Imagine that a group of strangers knocks down your front door at random and kidnaps you and your family. Not only have they invaded your home, they also have plans to use your hair for a coat, your skin for their shoes, and whatever else they choose for living-room decorations. While this gruesome scenario is disturbing and difficult to imagine happening to us Homo sapiens, it’s an everyday reality for fur-bearing animals.


Why We Love Dogs

A few months ago, I went shopping with a friend of mine. It was hot and muggy outside, a typical summer Miami heat wave. There was a lot of traffic that day and it took us longer than expected to arrive to the store. By the time we got there, we were hungry and cranky. It was a Saturday and we would have been much happier at the beach.


Vegan Interior Design Tips That Save Animals’ Lives

Have you ever taken a moment to look at a sheepskin rug? I mean, really look—closely enough to take in the creepiness? As soon as you realize that animal skin was once … well, skin, you’ll never be able to scrub the idea from your brain. The good news is that you can create gorgeous interiors without the suffering, and as more and more consumers seek animal-friendly options, they’re becoming easier and easier to find. Welcome to cruelty-free, vegan interior design.


Home Decor: 3 Steps to Vegan Glam

For an interior designer, being a bit of a planner is practically in the job description. Having a solid game plan makes every project more enjoyable, and it makes my clients happy—which makes me happy, too!


Cold? Reach for Wool-Free Warmth

In the northern part of the country, where winters start in November and don’t seem to end until March, it can become unbearably cold. Think layers of shirts and sweaters as well as thermals under your jeans just to run an errand. It’s no surprise that many people turn to warmer materials to stay bundled up during the winter. You curl up with a wool blanket while catching up on your favorite TV shows and think, “Warmth, thank goodness.”


The Cruelty-Free/Vegan Home: Leather Alternatives

Recently, I was visiting a client’s home that I had designed over a year ago. As I was walking through the residence, I couldn’t help but notice that every room in the entire house contained one or more items made with animal skins. The living room showcased large leather swivel chairs, an oversized horsehair ottoman was in another room, and suede sofas and wool area rugs had been placed throughout. A few months ago, I would have considered this project one of my finest. Walking through the spaces now was a nightmare. I felt as if a complete stranger had designed the place.


‘Vegan-ize’ Your Home and Office Décor

I’ve had an interior design business for over 10 years. I create beautiful homes and offices that I’m proud of, but up until recently, I was completely ignorant of the suffering and death that occurred just for the furnishings that I placed in my clients’ spaces. I can no longer design spaces created at the expense of beautiful animals and then look at myself in the mirror or look into the eyes of my children. My mission is now “compassionate design.” I create beautiful interior designs without harming our Earth or animals.