#MakeChange Ambassador Program. Help our cause!


Make money & make change by becoming a VeganDesign.org Ambassador!  We offer extremely generous commissions for promoting the Vegan Design 101 Class and the VeganDesign.org badge. It's super easy and ideal for students, moms & small business owners!  We keep track of all sales on our end so you can focus on the fun stuff - earning income & GETTING LOUD!

Simply share our social media with your audience, friends & community and KA-CHING!  Start earning! We also provide you with a banner with your own coupon code if you'd like,  as an additional selling feature.

Becoming an Ambassador is ideal for people seeking extra income with very little effort & time. All you need is either a phone or tablet to share our social marketing.  You're also helping to save animals, the planet and harsh working conditions.