#MakeChange Ambassador Program


Make money & make change by becoming a VeganDesign.org Ambassador! If you have taken the Vegan Design 101 Class, you qualify to become an ambassador. We offer a generous incentive program for promoting the Vegan Design 101 Class and the VeganDesign.org badge. It's super easy!  We keep track of all sales and referrals on our end so you can focus on the fun stuff - earning income & GETTING LOUD!

Many of our ambassadors promote from time-to-time, happy with earning a little bit of extra change on the side. Others have made the choice to become full-time ambassadors. It's completely up to you!

We are so happy to see how our community has formed groups, friendships and work-relationships with one another. We are an integral part of the groups and make ourselves readily available to advise on how to help you grow your business and become a productive and profitable ambassador - whether it be an hour a week or full-time.

We hold training sessions that teach you how to market your business, communicate and give yourself presence in your industry. We not only focus on helping you promote the course. We believe that mentoring you in your business is just as important as teaching you how to promote Vegan Design 101. Contact us to become a #MakeChange Ambassador Program!