French Heritage

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Bringing the best of classic French design stateside, French Heritage is a leading furniture brand that offers home pieces for every room inspired by various locales throughout France. The brand was founded over thirty-five years ago and quickly grew into an international company that ships their furniture products around the world. It was founded by a married couple, Henessy and Jacques Wayser, in 1981. Originally from France, Jacques was inspired by the furniture markets in Paris and furniture styles he saw while traveling throughout the countrysides of England and France. He moved to the U.S., still set on founding his own furniture brand influenced by European craftsmanship techniques. It was in Los Angeles that he and his wife eventually founded the French Heritage furniture brand. Today, the couple continues to manage, market, and lead the business. His furniture expertise and her flair for fashion and style have come together to create the company as it exists today. Looking to the future, the brand will continue to offer French-inspired pieces of the highest quality with a unique flair that is distinctly French Heritage.

French Heritage
730 Taylor Ave
High Point, NC USA