India & Croatia Ban Fur!


We have great news, followers! India has banned the imports of fur and reptile skins and Croatia has banned fur farms. What an amazing start to the new year!

India has decided to ban the import of skins such as chinchilla, reptile, fox and mink skins. It is no secret that factory farmed animals are mistreated and the methods used to kill these innocent animals are inhumane, extreme and cruel. Fortunately, the Director of Foreign Trade in India, which comes under the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, made the ban. World Animal News stated that, “According to Fur Free Alliance member Humane Society International (HSI), “Worldwide, millions of minks and foxes are kept in filthy and wire-floored cages until they are gassed and finally slaughtered for their fur.” Thankfully, the cruelty has ended for these animals in India.

According to VegNews, “Croatia will no longer breed animals for their fur. The ban applies to the last-remaining chinchilla farms—the only animal still bred for fur in the country—and comes ten years after the introduction of the 2006 Animal Protection Act. Croatia’s Ministry of Agriculture announced it would side with animal activists and concerned citizens to enforce the ban, despite ten years of backlash from chinchilla breeders.” Chinchillas were originally only found in South America where they are still bred by fur farmers worldwide. However, with the recent progress of Croatia and India we are hopeful other countries will follow.

We must continue to say no exotic furs, skins and leathers as millions of innocent animals fall victim to these industries every year. Fortunately, the ban on these fur farms will create awareness to the morbid and unnecessary pain and suffering of animals. We must continue chose cruelty free options and follow a cruelty free lifestyle. Thank you India and Croatia for starting the year right! LEARN ABOUT JOINING OUR COMMUNITY