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Family room_037-Edit.jpg is an online membership based community made up of companies, small and large from all over the world seeking to reach compassionate & health driven customers. offers continual education, a badge, business and marketing tools to help our members grow and stand out. We are a very strong, connected business council, passionate about animal & human rights, working with one another to succeed while making a difference.



We are the only 5 star ★★★★★ rated certified training focusing on healthy & humane interior design. Professionals from all continents have completed the online, accredited course (7.5 IDCEC Credits for ASID, IIDA, IDEC & IDC members) to advance their careers.

What EXACTLY Is Vegan & Humane Design?

A vegan, humane or cruelty-free product is one which does not originate from any living creature, is not an animal byproduct and is not tested on animals. Vegan alternatives are environmentally friendlier than their animal based counterparts & produce less toxins and waste….


Feng Shui Cleaning Tips by the experts

A cluttered space is not easy to clean.Harmonizing your environment is the philosophy behind feng shui, and whether you’re a cynic or a true believer, there’s something to be said about achieving balance in your life. Ever thought about how your furniture layout can keep your house clean. Intrigued? is an organization dedicated to educating designers on the devastating practices with the design industry. Through spreading awareness, trends and practices will shift towards a new all-encompassing standard that respects the planet and all of its inhabitants.
— S. Campbell
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Just DROPPED: Vegan Interiors

We’re excited to share the highly anticipated hardcover coffee table book, Vegan Interiors! It’s filled with beautiful images of compassionate spaces, Deborah DiMare’s tips on creating cruelty-free spaces that are optimal for health & interviews with leaders in biofabrication.


Our Declaration: You will never feel alone again in your journey as a design industry professional, manufacturer or retailer. We will provide continual education & tools necessary for company growth & success while reaching the compassionate and health driven customer.™ Certified Professionals Are Found In 60+ Countries!