Why You Need To Watch Okja on Netflix

Last week the Netflix original film, Ojka, was released and it definitely did not disappoint. The action-adventure film shows the cruel reality of animal agriculture through the eyes of a young girl and her "super pig," Okja. Filmmaker, Bong Joon Ho stated that his intention for the film is for his "audience to consider, at least once, where the food on their plate comes from.”

The film gives insight into what is currently happening every single day in meat slaughterhouses along with the mistreatment that these animals undergo. The use of the Okja, the adorable super pig, serves as a symbol for all animals who are subjected to cruel practices. Aside for the underlying message, the film is filled with action and great storyline. We're not the only ones who are raving about Okja, people all over social media are posting heartfelt reviews about the film and the way it has opened their eyes.

Okja has definitely stole our hearts and we hope you feel moved after viewing the film as well. Whether or not you're interested in veganism, Okja is a truly touching and inspiring film. View the Okja trailer below which features Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton & Lily Collins. Okja is currently streaming on Netflix.