How to Celebrate National Dog Day

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National Dog Day – the Super Bowl for dogs – which falls on the 26th of August, is an annual dog appreciation day celebrating furry (or not) pooches of all kinds, sizes, and breeds.

Why is this a special occasion? Because dogs protect our safety/freedom - by enforcing the law and detecting bombs/drugs, helping the blind and disabled, and pulling disaster victims from wreckage – and providing us with endless cuddles and kisses!

This day serves as a reminder to not only care for your own but dogs everywhere! Check out NDD’s official website to learn more about this day which helps galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year (either from public shelters, rescues and pure breed rescues), and honor family dogs and dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.

It is the first and one of its kind, so we prepared a list of convenient and special ways to give your best friend a treat to give it good doggy dreams and health for days to come – and to do your bit to celebrate and support the well-being of doggos all over the world!

Top 12 Ways To Celebrate Dogs:

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1. PLAY!
Fun, frolic, fresh air – what else could a dog want (except Frisbees and a beach – duh!)


Teach your dog a new trick with treats as rewards! Whether your dog wants to lose a few or aspires to have a luscious mane simply be healthy – there is something for every dog – even single ingredient treats for the lazier dog-parents out there.

dog adoption before after

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a dog – yet. Don’t blindly believe the happy, success stories of adopting dogs; go to your local shelter/rescue organization (like PETA and see for yourself.

If you’re not ready to give a forever home, use your time and love – and volunteer!


If you don’t have time to spare, donate some essentials (like blankets, food or toys) to organizations for animal welfare.

Your dog’s health and well-being is a priority so now would be a good time to schedule the annual checkup, especially if it's overdue. Additionally, scan your space for a safety check to ensure it is safe for your dog.


If you have a local pet store that sells puppies, or Puppy Mills/Gas Chambers in you state, email the concerned people or organize a peaceful demonstration.


Invite your best friend’s friends for one big dog party. If you can, find out where the dog’s family members live, reach out to their owners to have a family reunion!

dog underwater photoshoot behind the scene


Hire a professional or take them yourself – moments are fleeting, so make memories that will last forever in your mind, and a frame. To go a step further, make your dog Insta-Famous by setting up a personal account to post its pictures! Alternatively, you can even have a portrait painted of your dog if you’re feeling a bit extra.


Gift your dog or a dog lover in your life something special (or many things – we won’t judge) by purchasing from a store that helps dogs.



Brush your dog’s hair (eliminates excess fur), give it a massage (improves circulation) or take ‘em to the doggy spa.



Want to make up to your dog? Get a BARK-BOX subscription!

apologise to dog treat bark box


yulin china dog meat festival

When you buy a leather sofa or jacket, trusting, loving animals including dogs & cats are what you're sitting on and wearing.  Don’t live in oblivion – 80% of the world’s leather is from China (a country with no laws for protecting animals). A place where dogs and cats are horrifically slaughtered for their skin and meat. (China even celebrates a dog meat festival). The only way to end dog leather is to end all leather. 


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