7 Steps To Staging A Decadent Vegan Valentine's Day Bed


Love is in the air!!! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we all know that a heart shaped box of chocolates and flowers are the standard gifts. However, how about shaking things up a bit and give the gift of true romance – a beautifully styled bed for that special “ba-da-bing,  ba-da-boom night!

The history of Valentine’s day is hard to pin down. It’s believed that the Romans celebrated the feast of “Lupercalia” celebrating fertility. Them Italians! They know how to party. It then turned in to a holiday celebrating Christian martyrs named Valentine. In a turn of historical events, it became a celebration of romance and love. The first handmade Valentine’s Day cards appeared in the 16th century. By 1800, they were being mass produced. Today, the love lives on. Let’s face it..who cannot deny the happiness one gets opening an oversized Snoopy Valentine’s Day card?

Let’s get down to setting the stage for a night of passion in a fabulous bed created with all the vegan trimmings. Good design should not only be visually beautiful. But it should address all our senses including touch (texture), sound and scent. The selected items, together, create the perfect sensory balance for an environment that is soothing, warm and purely romantic.


1. Elephant Comforter

What can set the mood better than a beautiful bed cover that shows two elephants with their trunks intertwined. In the elephant world, this is a sign of consoling one another, similar to two humans hugging. It’s a beautiful statement of affection. Click to shop!


2. Doggie Wine Glass

Did you know that red wine is nature’s Viagra? Fruit can help erectile dysfunction. Who would have thunk it! What better way to drink wine in this doggie wine glass! Place two of these unique glasses next to the bed with a great bottle of red wine to begin the nights festivities. Click to shop!


3. Funny Pillows

Humor is sexy. Most marriages that last more than 50 years contribute laughing together as one of the reasons. These pillow case covers. will get the giggles goin’ on for sure. Click to shop!


4. Heart Pillows

It just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without heart shaped pillows to lean on while sipping wine in your ‘oh so chic’ dressed up bed.  A dash of red in your romantic bed styling is essential. These pillows are so comfy and cushy for curling up with your favorite warm body. Click to shop!


5. Vegan Candles 

Bring on the light! Romance without candles is like peanut butter without jelly, Lucy without Ethel. You get the idea. Candles say sexy like nobody’s business! These candles are not only beautiful to look at, but they crackle because they have two wicks, one is just for the sound. Genius. The candle itself is gorgeous and scented to perfection. Click to shop!


6. Mattress Topper

Ok..Let’s face it.. It’s hard to have a sexy night if the mattress is lumpy and as hard as a concrete slab. Studies show (imagine being a researcher for that one!) that balanced touch in every part of the mattress is important for a great romp. Get a good mattress topper. Here’s a fantastic one; Certified organic and made from a rubber tree. So if you’re an allergy sufferer this mattress topper is a great choice. Click to shop!


7. Pet Bed

Now that you’ve created this incredibly romantic bed, how in the heck are you going to keep Rusty, you’re very curious other love of your life, the one with the wagging tail and funny ears, from being the voyeur he is? Solution! A pet bed that is so incredibly comfy, your pet will never want to leave. This one is awesome.


Amazingly, the staging of your valentine’s bed is completely vegan. There is no blood or despair attached to any of the décor. It’s a space filled with positive energy. Plus, it’s healthier than beds dressed in down, wool and leather. If you are among the millions of people in this world who suffer from allergies, you should only consider vegan alternatives. They are allergy free since there are no feathers or wool. Also, if you pride yourself in only wanting a healthy, clean and safe environment for your children, that’s another reason to go vegan in your interiors. Leathers and other skins are tanned with deadly chemicals. Those same poisons are touching your body and pressing against your porous skin each time you sit on your leather sofa or lean your head against your leather headboard. Why would anyone want to expose themselves or their families to these dangerous chemicals? Here’s Chief Medical Director of AO Biome, Dr. Larry Weiss, giving his insight on the subject. Click to watch the video here!

Congratulations! You have designed the perfect romantic bed for you and your partner. Now go enjoy it you crazy kids!! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!