Crush of the Month: India & Purry


We are so excited for you to meet our June Crush of the Month, India & Purry! India & Purry is a capsule collection of decorative pieces for the home by artist Jessica Hollander.

Jessica is a Brooklyn artist with a deep passion for nature. This collection is derived from her oil paintings, using small sections of larger canvases.

India & Purry offers custom notecards, bookmarks, art prints, tea towels & throw pillows that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Look out for the badge on new India & Purry items!

Q&A with Jessica Hollander:

VDO: Where were you raised?
JH: I was raised in Long Island, New York.

VDO: What event or awakening led you to your business?
JH: I've been painting all of my life & have always had a passion for interior design, but it wasn't until a friend printed a few of my botanical oil paintings onto ceramic tiles that I realized that my paintings could be turned into designs for textiles and home decor pieces. My thinking shifted away from traditional art and toward patterns and design and the whole India & Purry collection blossomed from there!

VDO: Tell us about your business, your products, what makes them great!
JH: India & Purry by Jessica Hollander is a collection of home decor pieces, stationery and wall art that bridges the divide between indoors and out and brings the healing power of nature right into the home. The designs are infused with and celebrate the quiet beauty of plants and flowers and the colors are precisely considered for dazzling beauty. Respect for nature is paramount, so the collection is always vegan and cruelty free.

VDO: What's an interesting fact about your products?
JH: The pieces are truly transformative focal points for any indoor space. The pillows, for instance, are not just pillows, but pieces of art that sit on a couch or bed.

VDO: What makes your products & your business unique?
JH: The designs come from a truly organic place and are infused with love and spiritual healing.

VDO: What would people be surprised to find out about you?
JH: That I am an animal rights activist and split my time between painting and designing and advocating for farmed animals and wildlife. I'm also a passionate student of astrology and have been studying it for over 15 years.

VDO: Where can we buy your products?
JH: My collection is sold at shops throughout the country and on my website:

VDO: If you could hang out with anyone in the world who would it be and why?
JH: My three favorite painters are Alice Neel, Georgia O'Keeffe and Lois Dodd, who share my incredible passion for color and form.

VDO: Three words that you describe how you live your life?
JH: With love, respect & passion.

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