3 Ways To Make A Home More Energy Efficient

Home Efficiency

Home Efficiency


Making your home more energy efficient is incredibly important if you are to improve the mark that you make on this planet. We all need to consider our own contributions to sustainability, if we are to leave behind a better environment for the younger generation and this starts with the home. In the UK and US, 70% of consumers admitted they felt most responsible for the future of the planet, rather than manufacturers or governments.

Consider ways that you could improve the energy efficiency of your home to reduce your need for the burning of fossil fuels and decrease your own carbon footprint. We have three top tips to get you started.

 1. Insulation

Insulation will help you keep that thermostat turned down low, even during the winter. It can also help save energy when it comes to keeping your home cool during the summer. The best place to start is with your walls and attic. Are these sufficiently insulated? When it comes to insulation, there is plenty that can be done to ensure that you have optimum levels to help reduce your reliance on our precious resources.

Once you have sorted that you should then consider your doors and windows. If they are old and leaky, they could be letting out too much heat. Replace them with new, more energy-efficient models to really improve the temperature in your home without the help of the thermostat. Lastly, you could look at planting trees and foliage around your home. This will help with insulation and will also help soak up any carbon that your home emits into the atmosphere.

2. Swap your lightbulbs


A recent study found that 71.4% of consumers are taking sustainability into account when shopping, in particular when shopping for food. We should also be taking this into consideration when shopping for household items and one of the best items to start with is with light bulbs. We no longer have to purchase bulbs that only last for a short while before blowing. We can now choose to spend a bit more on LED bulbs that last for years and also use less energy. They are more expensive to purchase but this initial outlay is easily recovered in the amount that they will save you in reduced energy usage. Plus, these bulbs are recyclable, so won't end up in the landfill once they no longer work. LEDs are so much better for the environment.

3. Consider underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is much more efficient than radiators, which means that you can turn the temperature down and drastically reduce your energy usage. This clever way of keeping your home warm can be installed in pre-existing homes, although it is often easier if you have them put in during a major refurbishment. There are so many benefits to this type of heating, though, with some of the biggest being the ability to rid yourself of unsightly radiators as well as the wonderful feeling you can enjoy when stepping onto a warm floor. If you are starting from scratch with a new home and have some money to spend, you really should consider underfloor heating.