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Me & My Humane Design Course

the who, what & why…


I was interviewed by "The Business of Design" podcast with Kimberly Seldon. It was one of my favorite interviews. We chatted about how the VeganDesign.Org Certification Course came about, my "aha" moment, authenticity, why I had lost my drive, how I regained it and chocolate! Lots of personal conversation mixed in with concrete facts and tips.   Click above to listen. The episode is about 20 minutes long. I'm a fast talker (New York born and raised!).

Here are some of the highlights of the episode:

  • How offering a humane & healthy design specialty  in 2019 is going to be as popular a specialty to add to your scope of services as color consult or staging is

  • Going compassionate in design and how it's directly connected to sustainability

  • The completely inhumane skins and hides industry.

  • How to create a niche & connect with customers

  • How to wake up excited every day

  • And much more...