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Biophilia - Designing with Emotion & Nature

Our Decor Affects us Physically and Emotionally.

Biophilic Design is the study of how our environments have a tremendous affect on us. Our interior spaces and exteriors such as sidewalks and buildings have a profound influence over our moods and the way our body physically reacts. It’s super interesting. I interviewed Elizabeth Calabrese, leading speaking and influencer for the study of Biophilia. We spoke about everything from hormones to the sidewalks of New York City

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How to Choose Non Toxic, Healthy Fabrics

Did you know that 27% of a fabric’s weight is it’s toxins? Find out about the thousands of chemicals & toxins found in the fabrics you surround yourself with every day! Wrinkle free or iron free sheets contain Formaldehyde in order to avoid the wrinkles. How insane is that?

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