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As Featured On PETA: The Fur Industry

Imagine that a group of strangers knocks down your front door at random and kidnaps you and your family. Not only have they invaded your home, they also have plans to use your hair for a coat, your skin for their shoes, and whatever else they choose for living-room decorations. While this gruesome scenario is disturbing and difficult to imagine happening to us Homo sapiens, it’s an everyday reality for fur-bearing animals...

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The Truth About The Fur Industry

The truth about fur is disgusting, inhumane, appalling and downright morbid, to say the least. There are no penalties for abusing animals on fur farms in China, which is the world’s largest fur exporter, supplying more than half of the fur garments imported for sale in the United States. Killing methods are extreme, unnecessary, and gruesome and there is no federal humane slaughter law that protects animals in fur factory farms...

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