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We Were Featured in Dezeen Magazine!

Deborah di Mare, founder of, believes that educating consumers about the effects of using animal products in design will push more people to take the next step, from a vegan diet to a fully vegan lifestyle.

She founded her company to do just that. The website functions as an educational platform for people looking for vegan products, and also offers an accredited course for designers worldwide working with vegan materials.

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5 Tips To Finding Cleaning Products That Are Safe For Your Home

Have you ever checked your cleaning product ingredients only to find that there aren’t any listed? That’s because cleaning products are not required by federal law to carry a list of ingredients. It’s a mess. I can help you sort through the hype. Say goodbye to Windex!

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What To Consider When Moving With Pets

Moving, even if you’re doing it alone or with professional services, is already stressful but moving with your pets doesn’t have to be. If you’re planning to move anytime soon and you still don’t have any idea on how you can do it with your furry friends, consider these tips!

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