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Crush Of The Month: Matt & Nat

We are so excited to announce that vegan fashion line, Matt & Nat, has registered for the Certified Cruelty Free trademark! Matt & Nat is a global vegan fashion line. Their collections can be found in boutiques across Canada, the United States, the UK, Japan, Germany and Australia.

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Stella McCartney Unveils 'Skin-Free Skin' As Leather Alternative

Designer and advocate for animal welfare, Stella McCartney, showcases cruelty-free fashion as she debuts her own leather alternative material, which she calls "skin-free skin." McCartney told The Guardian, "I am so excited that we have finally developed fabrics that look just as good as the real thing and therefore genuinely pose a question to the industry about why anyone needs to use leather any more."

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10 Animal Compassionate Fashion Designers

According to Cry of the Innocent, “Every year there are over 50 million animals killed just for fashion.” Animals should never have to suffer for our fashion statements and you should never have to sacrifice your unique style and fun trends. Thankfully, you don't have to! There many amazing and often affordable humane fashion options that are becoming easily accessible. Read about 10 fashion designers who have made the ethical choice to use cruelty free materials...

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