Top 5 Global Influencers Chosen To Be Featured In The 1st "Vegan Interiors" Luxury Design Book


The world is becoming more compassionate and humane thankfully. But it’s just the beginning. It is not many that have dedicated their entire lives to making the earth a better place for all living creatures. The following five “human heroes” are making a tremendous positive global impact. They share the mission of saving people, animals and the planet. These “fabulous 5” were selected from several hundred people to be interviewed & featured in the first ever published book dedicated solely to Vegan Interior Design. The author, Deborah DiMare, is the founder of and a global vegan designer who is making change in the way the world sees animal based décor and furniture.

”Vegan Interiors” visually communicates that no living thing, including humans, animals and the planet need sacrificing for beautiful interiors. The book is filled with beautiful images portraying compassionate design as luxurious, beautiful & healthier for everyone from newborns to seniors and simple to embrace.  Vegan Interiors also provides design tips and facts about how each vegan space in the image has helped the planet and all living beings, human and non.  

The influencers interviewed for the book have made a tremendous impact on the world. “Giving readers the opportunity to understand their mission, in their own words, was a wonderful addition to the book,” says DiMare.

The following is a list of the humane heroes featured in Vegan Interiors – Home Edition:

Photo: Tim Watters, Animal Planet

Photo: Tim Watters, Animal Planet

1. Captain Paul Watson – Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Captain Paul Watson is the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Sea Shepherd’s mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and preserve ecosystems and species.


2. Natalia Krasnodebska – Head of Communications for Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow is a biofabrication company based in New Jersey. Modern Meadow created the world’s first bioleather materials made without animals. This material is called ZOA. Bioleather materials are advanced fabrics designed and grown from animal free collagen which can be combined with other natural or man-made materials offering new aesthetic and performance properties.


3. Maurizio Montalti  - Founder of Officina Corpuscoli

Officina Corpuscoli was founded in 2010.  Based in Amsterdam, Corpuscoli operates a multidisciplinary studio, developing both commissioned and self-initiated projects and often inspired by and in collaboration with living systems and organisms.

4. Jessica Gregory - Founder of Coralise

Coralise is a project by Jessica Gregory which aims to reduce coral erosion and boost new growth.


5. Rodika Tchi -  Smudging and Feng Shui Expert

Rodika Tchi is a globally renowned Feng Shui expert. She has been consulting for residential and commercial spaces for over 17 years.


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By Deborah DiMare