How to Clean Marble Counter Tops with Vegan Non Toxic Cleaners

Non Toxic Vegan Marble Cleaning Tips

Non Toxic Vegan Marble Cleaning Tips


Marble has continued to gain popularity in recent years as more and more homeowners wish to create a regal and classic look within their homes. In particular, marble flooring and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms have been in vogue for hundreds of years. For today’s homeowners, marble is the material of choice for those who want a distinct and refined presentation. Marble countertops offer a very natural and luxurious appearance that no other material can truly offer.

However, despite the rise in popularity of marble trends, some homeowners have been concerned about marble countertops in their homes due to its porosity. But, when the countertop is properly sealed per the specifications from the manufacturer, marble surfaces can resist most stains, including wine, juice, oil, nail polish, as well as nail polish remover. Properly sealed marble countertops and floors won’t harbor bacteria in the marble’s pores and can be washed up with warm water and a mild soap. 

Since marble is a softer stone, it requires a bit more care than for other stone surfaces such as granite. If you have marble surfaces now but haven’t taken the time to have them sealed properly, know that it is never too late. You may be able to restore it to its former beauty when you use the right products.  And in addition to proper sealing of your marble surfaces, the next step to keeping your surface beautiful and long-lasting is by leveraging proper cleaning techniques.

Caring for your marble countertop

If you love a good do-it-yourself (DIY) project, and you want to create your own non-toxic, vegan cleaner, give this recipe a try. With only three ingredients and just a few minutes, you can make an excellent cleaner that will protect the durability and longevity of your precious stone. Many homeowners are looking to move to a healthier, greener, and non-toxic lifestyle. Non-toxic cleaners can do an equally effective job of cleaning your marble surfaces, but also ensure that you do not inhale or absorb harsh chemicals through your skin. Using these non-toxic products will help you to create a healthier and purer environment for your home.

Many homeowners, especially those which children or pets, appreciate having more control over what goes into the cleaning products that you use for your home. And, most homeowners don’t enjoy having to read labels.

To make your own marble countertop cleaner, fill a small spray bottle with one tablespoon of organic liquid soap, and one quart of warm water. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Another option in lieu of the liquid soap is to grate one to one and a half tablespoons of non-colored organic bar soap. Then, dissolve the grated soap into the same quantity of water. To clean your marble countertop, spray it lightly with your mild soap solution and then wipe it clean with a soft-fiber lint-free cloth. Use a second lint-free cloth to ensure the stone is properly dried.

If you have had the unfortunate experience to have stained your marble countertop with red wine or fruit juice, know that these acidic and pigmented liquids can quickly stain your marble. In these cases, you will need to remove the stains with a poultice.

 Start by wiping the stained area with bottled or distilled water. Next, create a thick paste using water mixed with an absorbent substance such as white flour, chalk, or kaolin clay. If your marble countertop is white, instead of water you may wish to use a bottle of six percent hydrogen peroxide as your liquid.

Apply the poultice to the stain and then cover it with plastic for 48 hours. Using a plastic wrap will ensure that the poultice doesn’t dry out and will make sure it can continue to do its job. After 48 hours, wipe away your homemade poultice with fresh water, and then repeat if necessary, until the stain is gone.

How to use your non-toxic vegan cleaner

As you start to use this new cleaner, you will undoubtedly come up with some of your own tips. However, you may find this starter list to be helpful.

  1. Marble is a soft stone so make sure that if you have a tough stain you don’t feel you need to get a hard-wired brush to pick up the stain. A soft-fiber cloth is always your best approach to start. If the stain doesn’t start to dissipate, consider a soft scrubbing brush, but be sure not to brush too hard. You can also consider sprinkling baking soda onto the surface, and then spraying your non-toxic cleaner so that a paste is formed. Consider rubbing this spray and paste mixture into the stain to help the stain lift easier.

  2. To disinfect your countertop surface, let the spray sit for one minute before rinsing.

  3. Do not use vinegar to clean marble or granite surfaces. Vinegar is acidic and will dull the surface and then adversely affect the sealant. This can cause long-term damage to your marble countertops.

Protect your marble countertop for the long haul

With the proper care of your marble countertop, it will last a long time. And now that you know how to clean it properly, make sure that you are also taking other steps to protect it. Remember that most store-bought cleaning agents are acidic and can harm your marble countertops. Hot water and a mild soap make the best solution (as per our recommendations above).

Always use a sponge or a soft non-fiber cloth material for wiping and for cleaning. Harsh materials are very likely to leave scratches on the surface of your marble countertop. Always ensure your countertops are washed thoroughly to remove soap and other cleaning detergents. A film of soapy material will form over time with improper care and cleaning, which will result in a dull appearance of your countertop.

Finally, remember that other products in your bathroom contain chemicals that can be harmful. 

Consider placing shampoos, soaps, and gels in a decorative tray instead of directly on your marble countertops. This will ensure that your countertop surface stays clear of damaging chemicals.

Your marble countertop is sure to last a long time, providing you with the elegant look that you have desired. Educating yourself on care strategies will ensure that you do not make a costly mistake.