Woo Bamboo Registers Our Trademark!

We are excited to announce that eco-friendly oral care company, WooBamboo!, has registered for the Certified Cruelty Free trademark! Instead of using the typical petroleum-based, non-recyclable plastic like most toothbrushes, WooBamboo! uses bamboo. Beautiful, natural bamboo that is organically-grown in the bamboo-rich mountains of China, and crafted in a family-owned workshop. Moso bamboo is also naturally anti-microbial, which is awesome for a toothbrush! 

Another amazing feature? WooBamboo! packaging is made of recycled materials. The backing cards are made with post-consumer waste, and are (re)recyclable. The plastic used is called polyethylene terephthalate (PET): arguably the most easily recycled plastic commercially available. Unlike other plastics that can be recycled once only, PET plastic is not only thinner than other plastics, but can be continuously recycled many times over.

WooBamboo! Products:

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Do you carry at least one vegan or cruelty-free product in your business? If so, you are eligible to resigner the Certified Cruelty Free trademark for your company and products. Click here to learn more.