5 Tips on Displaying Artwork From a Design Pro

Art by Luke Woodford

Art by Luke Woodford


Our homes are a reflection of us and how we feel also reflects on our homes. The colors, shapes and especially the subject matter of an art piece can tell you a lot. Even the frame of a particular art piece can speak volumes. The care that we take of our art, or the lack of care, also says a lot. The way we display art, whether it’s hidden in the corner or displayed prominently in the entryway has meaning to it as well. Sometimes, we even keep our artwork in the closet or somewhere hidden while waiting for its moment to shine. Not only as an Interior Designer but also as a Feng Shui practitioner, I see a lot of meaning behind art pieces that we keep in our homes.

1. Invest in art that make you happy!

The important thing to remember is to make sure our art pieces make us happy and give us joy. The taste in art is different for everyone, so just make sure that each piece displayed in your home gives you joy.

2. Remove artwork that sparks any negative thoughts!

I often have clients who are not happy with their artwork but the artwork remains on the walls and each time the client sees the piece, it gives them negative emotions. If that is the case, I always suggest removing the piece of art. Look closely at each piece and see what it represents. I think we often know what the answers are but ignore our intuition.

3. Include inspirational art!

I definitely recommend to hang artwork that you admire or artwork that inspires you. Maybe it’s a picture of a destination you’re dreaming of? Think of it as having the same intention as a vision board and include artwork representing your goals and dreams.

4. The function of the space and the role of the art!

Different art pieces belong in different areas of your home. Whether it’s an office, a bedroom or a living space says a lot about the type of artwork that should be displayed. The bedroom is a good place for peaceful images and the living spaces are a good place for vibrant energetic artwork.

Source:  Norsu

Source: Norsu

5. Display it but Frame it!

In terms of displaying artwork make sure each piece has its own space and can easily be seen. Height of artwork is very important, making sure it’s not too low or too high so that you can comfortably view it. And go ahead take that art piece have you been meaning to frame and frame it. Just framing it makes it feel so much more special. It  doesn’t have to be the most glorious artwork but one beautifully displayed can make all the difference.