Crush of the Month: Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs


We are so excited for you to meet our Crush of the Month, Fabulous Furs by Donna Salyers! Fabulous Furs began with a passion for animals, needle, thread, and the belief that cruelty-free fashion could be achieved. Nearly 30 years ago, after sewing a luxurious faux fur coat for herself, Donna Salyers designed a sewing kit so others could do the same. Success followed passion and excellence, and Donna ushered in an exciting new era for the faux fur industry. Donna Salyers' offers cruelty-free products and has the badge to prove it!

Watch our Chief of Barketing, Lucca, product test a faux fur throw by Donna Salyers'!

Sold in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Gorsuch and other luxury boutiques and hotels throughout the country, Donna Salyers' has raised the bar on the quality of faux fur in the market today. Check out a few of our favorite home decor pieces by Donna Saylers!

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Want to grow your business by offering ethical and cruelty-free design options like Donna Salyers? Learn about getting the  trademarked badge & joining our community - it's quick and easy to register! Have questions for the Donna Salyers' team? Ask her in the comments below!

Donna Salyers'

Donna Salyers'