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Planted In Miami Podcast: The Humane Revolution

Deborah Rosenberg has always loved animals, so after learning about the atrocities occurring in various animal industries, she quickly turned her successful luxury interior design business, DiMare Design, into a cruelty-free/vegan design brand by replacing animal derived products with sustainable alternative materials. Listen to the interview with Deborah Rosenberg...

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A Well-Designed Business Podcast: About

Certified Cruelty Free founder, Deborah Rosenberg, sat down with A Well-Designed Business to discuss her passion for animal rights and how she was inspired to create the Certified Cruelty Free Certification Course & Product Licensing. Deborah is the founder of luxury design firm, Dimare Design, which prides itself on offering 100% vegan and cruelty free design options. In her journey in finding alternative and humane furnishings for her clients, Deborah became aware of the lack of knowledge in alternative resources for designers, manufacturers and even for consumers...

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