Top 9 Vegan Holiday Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season – to buy gifts that spread the light of kindness to your loved ones (humans and non) and our planet! Whether the person you're getting a gift for is vegan or not, a compassionate and cruelty-free gift will always be a more thoughtful choice.

For those new to the vegan world: a vegan product is one that does not contain anything made from animals and a cruelty-free product is one that was not tested on animals.

So, let's do this! Check out our Top 9 Vegan Holiday Gift ideas for 2017:

1. Vegan Camel Pillow by DiMare Design ($240)


This unique, completely oversized, cotton pillow adds a bit of "quirky fun" and coziness to any space. The insert is filled with a plush down alternative. Gifting this vegan pillow to someone saves approximately 10 ducks from having their feathers plucked while fully alert. Live plucking is grotesque and torturous. The pain is equal to someone having their hair ripped from their head. 

Ultra-soft, yet machine-washable, this luxurious 28” plush hug-buddy reveals stories of animals that a photographer encountered during adventurous journeys throughout the world. It's a completely happy pillow! Just writing about this pillow makes me joke.  Shop now


2. "Neva' Leatha'" Tee by VEGANDESIGN.ORG  ($40) 


Give da’ gift of compassion, new yawk’ style with our signature muscle tee in white or grey. This women's tee is super comfy - we made sure of that. Without exaggeration, we get asked where we get our tee every time we wear it! It's so darn cute and cushy soft. Plus, haven't you heard? Vegan is the new black!

Spread compassion with this easy gift! 10% of every shirt sold is donated to PETA and during the holidays, each tee includes FREE gift-wrapping (worth $12.) It's wrapped beautifully in natural burlap with a large holiday ribbon, and includes a personalized gift note! Shop now

3. Hand Cream Tub by CocaBee ($12)

Many of us are conscious of what we put into our bodies but uninformed about what we should put on ourselves. Sprinkle your loved ones with a touch of CoCaBee products this season.

CocaBee is a 100% cruelty-free and handmade skincare line made from all natural ingredients, packed in abundance (a lot of bang for your buck!) in charming biodegradable bamboo jars - unlike regular plastic packaging that takes thousands of years to disintegrate. Plus, CoCaBee products are not tested on innocent animals. The packaging is beautiful and rustic and can double as great as tabletop decor.

 The lines are available in scents so good and organic you can almost (but don't) eat them: Lotus, Sweet Orange, and Vanilla. Shop now

4. Bamboo Toothbrushes by WooBamboo! ($3.95-$24)

Our careless dependence on single-use plastics is choking up landfills and bodies of water. Scientists predict that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. YIKES!

Show your friends and family you care about them (and future generations) by stuffing their stockings with an essential, budget-friendly goodie: a natural vegan toothbrush made from bamboo! This toothbrush has 90% less plastic than its rivals, and looks better too!

WooBamboo is so popular that their products are sold in over 15 countries! Shop bamboo toothbrushes made for kids, adults & even pets! Shop now

5. Vera SM Vegan Wallet by Matt & Nat ($55)


The name of the company Matt & Nat is inspired by the words MA(T)erial and NATure.  The brand lives by the motto, “Live Beautifully."

‘Real’ leather is, thankfully, beginning to have a negative notion with more and more celebrities and influencers joining the vegan revolution – and rightly so. Almost 80% of the world’s leather comes from China, a country without animal or worker welfare regulation. In China, dog and cat leather (yes, seriously) is distributed and sold as cow leather throughout the world. So a leather wallet sold in the United States may actually be made from dogs or cats. Buying vegan leather is the ONLY way to ensure you aren’t unintentionally buying a product derived from an innocent animal's horrible death. Animal hides are also treated with toxic chemicals and strong pollutants that can being absorbed into your skin when wearing or holding leather products. Going vegan in your purchases is a humane and healthier choice!

Matt & Nat's luxurious vegan wallets celebrate social responsibility, integrity, authenticity and LOVE! Wallet linings are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. So, you're not only avoiding animal cruelty, but you're also promoting sustainability by reducing waste and cleaning the planet! Shop now


6. Vintage Mink Faux Fur Throw by Donna Salyers ($179)


It doesn’t matter if you are miles away from someone you love, a faux fur throw is a great gift for long-distance cuddles! Donna Saylers' Fabulous Faux Furs are a design industry favorite thanks to their outstanding quality and trendy color palettes.

Animals raised for fur are raised in cramped conditions and often deliberately made obese to produce more's sickening. They are killed prematurely (as younger animals are fluffier and provide more fur) and their bodies are left to rot. These slaughterhouses are supported solely by consumer's demand for fur. It can take up to 150 chinchillas to make one faux fur throw. Imagine the number of animals tortured to meet the demand of the fur industry worldwide - it's outrageous! 

These lovable, huggable and, most importantly, faux throws are the perfect gift for the holiday! Shop now

7. Balsam Pine Candle by Vineyard Hill ($14.99)


The average candle is made of beeswax and exploits the Queen B of our eco-system – bees! Swap it for a Vineyard Hill biodegradable soy wax, cotton wick, up-cycled glass candle. Even the packaging serves a greater purpose than just its great looks. Vineyard Hill candles are made from used bottles, thereby reducing waste. Our season favorite is the Balsam Pine which comes in an emerald glass with gold metal lid and three cotton wicks. The best part? The container can be repurposed once the candle runs out! Shop now

8. eKO Lite Mat in Red by Manduka ($72)


Did you ever get a whiff of a rubber yoga mat? Phew... That is strong! It's hard to savasana while you're smelling a toxic PVC rubber mat. Thankfully, there are biodegradable yoga mats out there! Manuka offers yoga mats made from a non-Amazon-harvested tree rubber. PVC (synthetic plastic polymer) materials are left in landfills and oceans, where they begin a long process of breaking down and decomposing. This process lasts centuries! Marine animals confuse PVC materials for food and eventually choke and die on these indigestible substances. Switch to eKo Mats by Manduka as they are not only planet-friendly but also easy to clean, lightweight and textured. They are made with an ultimate sweat-defying grip. It's a great gift for the yogi in your life! Shop now

9. English Lavender Room Spray by The Buddha Beauty Company ($9.50)


Smell is the most powerful sense for memory retrieval. Vegan, cruelty-free room sprays and pillow mists make the ideal gift for a season where love, holidays, and cheer is in the air. Not only is The Buddha Beauty Company against the gruesome testing of products on innocent animals, they also carefully select suppliers that don’t participate in animal testing at any point in the making, in any part of the world! Go Buddha Beauty! We love you! Shop now


It’s an add-to-cart kinda’ season! Give the people on your list presents that show passion for animals and the world. As Selena Gomez sings, "Kill 'em with kindness!"

Have a safe and merry holiday season!