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Reprogram your way of thinking about how a small design business can operate. Discover and get educated in the growing wellness & cruelty free design niche. Have purpose. Make a difference for all living creatures. Get the clients that fall through the cracks at large design firms - the clients who are compassionate and want healthy design options for themselves and their families.  

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The Importance Of Sustainability in Building Design and Construction

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s a call to action in the interior design community, and it affects all of our decisions. While it’s easy to make changes when it comes to our diet and the things we use in our home, what about the damage from our homes and buildings?

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Ways To Design Bedrooms & Spaces that Promote Sleep Webinar

Why are we always tired? Could be you’re living with the enemy! In todays world, homes are not designed for good health. Modern lighting inhibits our body in naturally preparing for sleep and bedrooms are considered to be one of the most toxic places in a home. 30% of the population isn’t sleeping enough.

Watch & learn in my interview with renowned German Architect & Certified Building Biologist Tomas Gaertner. Find out what prevents us from sleeping & how to design spaces for optimal snoozing!

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Top 9 Vegan Holiday Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season – to buy gifts that spread the light of kindness! Here are 2017's Top 9 Vegan Holiday Gifts, because a compassionate & cruelty-free gift will always be a more thoughtful choice.

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