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Who Is Modern Meadow?

Modern Meadow is a biofabrication company based in New Jersey. We know what you're thinking, what the heck is biofabrication? In the design world, biofabrication is a scientific term for using cells, proteins and other living materials, to make fabrics & textiles. Just last year, this New Jersey crew created the world's FIRST biofabricated & animal-free leather called ZOA™.

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Your Sofa Could Be Made From Dogs & Cats

June 21st, 2017 marks the start of the 9th annual Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, commonly referred to as Yulin Dog Meat Festival, a 10-day celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festival goers eat dog meat and lychees...

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Bentley Goes Vegan and Leather Alternatives 101

What does the top car manufacturer Bentley and top celebrities like Beyoncé or Ellen DeGeneres have in common? THEY ARE ALL VEGAN.

That’s right! The UK-based company founded in 1919 is one of the most expensive car brands worldwide, with models retailing for a minimum of $180,000 – if you don’t opt for interior and technical customizations that is. And now, it is catering to appeal to upmarket owners demanding ethical options and their vegan customers by exploring innovative custom-made non-animal materials for its interiors...

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